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Lauria Unveils Explosive Collaboration with J.Sol in "About It"

Lauria, the Montreal-born sensation known for her spellbinding blend of Pop, Contemporary R&B, and Alt-pop, is back with another musical masterpiece that is set to make waves in the music industry. Her latest single, "About It," featuring the talented rapper J.Sol, is slated for release on September 21st, 2023.

A collaboration made in heaven

J.Sol, hailing from the Bronx, brings her unique style and raw energy to "About It." Beyond their musical connection, Lauria and J.Sol share a deep bond forged through their shared struggles with darker moments.

Their collaboration on this track is a testament to their friendship and shared artistic vision. "About It" maintains the alt-pop essence of Lauria's previous work while incorporating contemporary pop elements and J.Sol's powerful rap verses. This fusion creates a dynamic and engaging sonic experience that fans of both artists will undoubtedly appreciate. Lyrically, "About It" delves into the theme of denial, exploring the complex emotions surrounding the acknowledgment of personal issues. Lauria's introspective lyrics paired with J.Sol's candid rap verses make this track an emotionally charged and thought-provoking journey.

A production to be proud of

Produced by the renowned Dominique Messier, Celine Dion's drummer, "About It" features a strong bassline that pulsates throughout the song. This infectious rhythm, combined with Lauria and J.Sol's vibrant performances, makes it one of the most upbeat and memorable tracks from Lauria's upcoming album.

"About It" visuals are 100% DIY

Intriguingly, Lauria took on the role of artist for the single's artwork, capturing the spirit of the song's narrative. The DIY photoshoot, set against the backdrop of downtown Brooklyn, was a collaborative effort. Lauria, accompanied by J.Sol, embarked on a city adventure. The resulting visuals perfectly encapsulate the song's essence and authenticity.

Fans of Lauria and J.Sol can look forward to streaming "About It" on all major music platforms, soaking in the riveting chemistry between these two incredible artists. Additionally, stay tuned for the release of Lauria's upcoming album and announcements regarding live shows, as Lauria continues to enchant her audience with her remarkable talent and unwavering authenticity.


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